Invoicing Processing Services

When it comes to managing the tasks associated with authorizing, performing, paying and reporting purchase activity, one size definitely does not fit all. AOC Solutions understands that serving the invoice processing needs of our clients requires a familiarity with both the technology and business requirements that have been established and refined within their business processes.

The Tools

AOC has made the investment in systems, people and processes − all focused on providing a world class accounts payable and invoice processing capability to your organization. From imaging and storage of invoice documents to pre-purchase authorization and reconciled vendor payment, AOC Solutions executes your purchasing policy in accordance with your business preferences. Not only are your actual hard costs reduced, your staff has more time to focus on other things that make your enterprise successful. 



• Buyers choose the services that best augment their existing business preferences.

• Sophisticated Contact Center options allow extreme flexibility in effectively and efficiently configuring programs to client-specific requirements.

• Invoices are accepted from a vendor in any format including fax, web, email and postal mail, making it easy for your vendors to have you as a customer.

• Vendor payment options include EFT, credit card and paper check.

• 1099 business records may be maintained.

• Electronic storage of purchase records and invoice images are accessed via the web, and electronic uploads of this data to your enterprise systems are available. This eliminates the paperwork storage and administrative requirements associated with warehousing, accessing and indexing paper records.