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AR-Exchange Unleashes Powerful New Supplier-Portal Features

Published: November 30, 2016  |  Author: Todd King  |  Categories: Supplier Portal, B2B e-Payments

B2B payments

B2B payments

On Nov. 29, AOC Solutions and its companion company, 3Delta Systems, unveiled a major boost of features with AR-Exchange®, the companies’ innovative supplier portal.

So what is this supplier portal — and what’s new and different now?

AR-Exchange is an innovative remittance delivery channel that streamlines how suppliers receive payment information and remittance data in one secure, easy-to-use application. Its Quick View feature, offering suppliers access within a secure email link, launched a year ago to much acclaim. The new feature set is full-portal access, where registered users gain tools such as:

  • Search features and advanced reporting.
  • Comprehensive payment histories, including information that’s expired from Quick View.
  • A way to manage their buyer connections.
  • And much more.

It’s also really sexy.

Which is to say, remittance and payment information is displayed in an incredibly simple and clean interface, making the information easy for users to process. (Users are suppliers that are paid through AOC Solutions’ EnCompass® electronic accounts payable platform, which is available to corporate buying organizations through AOC’s partner financial institutions.)

“One of the key benefits of AR-Exchange is that it aggregates payment and remittance information for suppliers from their corporate buying organizations across many financial institutions,” says Kara Szostek Lunsford, 3DSI director of product management. “This means fewer places they need to go to get payment data, which helps them streamline the payment application processes.

And that really gets to the heart of AOC’s and 3Delta Systems’ missions from Day 1: To make the payments process simpler — for both buyers and suppliers.


Todd King

Todd King is Chief Product Officer for AOC Solutions and 3Delta Systems. With nearly 20 years of experience in the commercial payments industry, Todd has expertise in leading the development of North American and European payment and reporting solutions, online card management technologies and back office workflow solutions. He resides in Columbus, Georgia.