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Credit card tokenization

As a supplier, the last thing you want to do is keep your customers’ credit card information on your system. Doing so puts your company and your customers at risk in the event of a data breach, and it increases your PCI compliance burden.

But you can eliminate all that sensitive card data from your environment and safely store it on our PCI-DSS certified processing network with the CardVault tokenization solution from our companion company, 3Delta Systems.

How it works — stand-alone tokenization

With tokenization, you replace valuable card data with a substitute value to protect sensitive data in case of a breach. This token is meaningless to cyberthieves in the event of a hack. Here’s how it most often works.

CardVault Basic Card Storage Process Flow

  1. Company securely delivers card data to CardVault for secure storage.
  2. CardVault sends card token to company.

View our tokenization video to learn more.

Is tokenization ideal for your company?

Tokenization is a top recommended security measure for many instances. Your company may benefit from using tokenization if you:

  • Process card-not-present credit card transactions.
  • Store cards on file for the convenience of repeat customers or ongoing billing.
  • Need help meeting Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards for safely processing and protecting your customers’ card data.
  • Want to minimize business risk by removing sensitive customer card data from your systems.
  • Use your e-commerce, call center or financial system software to drive credit card transactions.
  • Take card-not-present credit card orders via the Internet, mail order, telephone or fax.
About CardVault

CardVault provides safe and secure credit card storage to meet PCI requirements and also supports Level-3 data for B2B transactions. It can integrate with existing enterprise software, including SAP. CardVault is a product of AOC’s companion company, 3Delta Systems Inc. Learn more about CardVault.

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