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Gateway Solutions


As a supplier, whatever merchant processing methods you choose, we offer gateway services that can meet those needs through our companion company, 3Delta Systems. These software-as-a-service gateways handle browser-based, real-time and file-based processing — in any combination. Plus, these solutions allow your company to streamline payment processing for a variety of business models; add robust security for B2B, B2G and B2C payments; and potentially help you realize huge interchange rate savings with Level-3 data.

Browser-based processing

Our virtual payment system is a robust purchase card and credit card processing solution accessed through a Web browser — therefore requiring no IT integration or support. There’s no clunky hardware to maintain or confusing software to learn. All you need is a Web browser and Internet access.

Real-time processing

This solution is for organizations that require real-time server-to-server payment processing and authorization via API or web services. Are you developing or using an e-commerce application that requires instant processing or do your customers or customer service representative need an immediate response? Then this processing option is for you.

File-Based Processing

If your organization processes payments in batches, like daily invoice runs, then our powerful file-based processing solution is what you need. This solution manages and processes card authorizations and settlement transactions and is a great option is perfect for high-volume order entry, repeat invoicing and subscription-based payments.

Level-3 line-item detail

Supporting Level-3 line-item data — equivalent to the information found on an itemized invoice — requires a substantially greater system capability than most payment gateway solutions. This power is provided through our payment applications. Providing Level-3 data can help transactions qualify for the lowest available interchange rates, ultimately saving money for a supplier’s organization.

Supported processors

Our gateways support all major credit card processors, including:

  • American Express CAPN Direct.
  • Elavon.
  • First Data Merchant Services — North.
  • First Data Merchant Services — South.
  • Global Payments — East.
  • TSYS Acquiring Solutions.
  • Vantiv.
  • WorldPay.

Learn More

Want to learn more about our gateway solutions? Visit our companion company’s Payment WorkSuite page or contact us.

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