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Invoice Processing Services

When you rely on AOC Solutions for invoice processing, you will reduce costs for your organization, improve purchase controls and gain access to better data. From imaging and storing your invoice documents to pre-purchase authorization and vendor payment, we'll execute your purchasing policy according to your business preferences.

Features and Options
  • Choose the services that best support your organization's goals and processes.
  • Accept invoices from vendors in any format, including web, email, fax and postal mail.
  • Pay vendors through a variety of options, including credit card, EFT and paper check.
  • Rely on us to maintain 1099 business records.
  • Eliminate paperwork storage and administrative requirements associated with warehousing, accessing and indexing paper records when you store purchase records and invoice images electronically and access them via the web.
Improve Your Efficiencies and Controls
  • Incorporate and enforce contract pricing, discounts, time-to-pay and vendor payment preferences for maximum benefit to your organization.
  • Apply controls before the purchase to ensure compliance with your purchasing policy.
  • Reconcile vendor invoices to the purchase order scope of work prior to payment, eliminating payments for unapproved work an unintentional vendor errors.
  • Access real-time, hierarchical data to allow field and home office personnel to research and resolve issues from the same bank of data, 24/7/365.
  • Eliminate hard-to-trace vendor payment mistakes by reconciling the invoice amount to the actual amount paid to the vendor.
  • Convert paper invoices to electronic formats for seamless upload to your accounting and ERP systems.
  • Upload to enterprise accounting and inventory systems, eliminating manual intervention and allowing maximum timeliness and accuracy for imported transaction data.
Reduce Your Costs
  • Lower cost of processing and administering purchases and payments — typically up to 75 percent.
  • Reduce or eliminate internal administrative support for purchases while freeing resources to perform other tasks in your organization.
  • Maximize savings by taking advantage of beneficial payment terms.
  • Mitigate losses from fraudulent or invalid vendor payments.
  • Reduce effort in meeting accounting and audit compliance standards, such as Sarbanes-Oxley.
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