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Operations and Contact Center Services

The AOC Operations and Contact Center — located in Morgantown, West Virginia, a designated certified HUB-Zone — was organized in 1998 to support the Federal government and large financial institutions involved with providing banking and payment services to government agencies and government vendors. Since then, our programs have expanded to incorporate polling and surveys, rules-based process administration, banking and payment services programs, government vehicle fleet services, private sector fleet services, purchase activity documentation and numerous types of data collection and reporting.

Our state-of-the-art facility has been in continuous, uninterrupted 24-hour operation since 1998 and is staffed by fully trained, program-specific customer service personnel. We have served more than 200,000 individual customers on behalf of our Federal and corporate clients.

Our Contact Center provides:
  • Commitment to quality service.
    • We are constantly evolving, investing in our people and improving our processes to meet our customers' needs.
  • Knowledge.
    • Members of the AOC Operations and Contact Center team are able to convey an articulate and in-depth knowledge of products/services.
    • Our team members also remain knowledgeable about the different types of customers and their various needs and interests.
  • Customer focus.
    • Our customer service reps are empowered to take as much time as necessary to resolve the customer's concern.
    • We focus on the common challenges that customers have as well as common interests and FAQs.
  • User experience testing.
    • We go to extensive lengths to test how the smallest decisions impact user experience.
Our clients can expect:
  • Thoughtful and collaborative program design.
  • Communications developed and delivered in a manner that aligns with your corporate culture.
  • Reporting that is calibrated to the established objectives of the project.
  • Ongoing program review for effectiveness and alignment of objectives.
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