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Vendor Enrollment

When migrating from checks to electronic payments, a critical component for success is vendor enrollment. That is, your vendors must be enrolled on the e-payment platform to receive electronic payments from you.

At AOC Solutions, our Vendor Enrollment team contacts your vendors on your behalf. We have a strong history of persuading vendors who have resisted card acceptance in the past to begin accepting these types of e-payments through our platform.

Our proven best practices are designed to ensure optimum enrollment success for your electronic accounts payable program and for your vendors. Over 18,000 organizations and hundreds of thousands of vendors are already enabled on the AOC platform. We'll be glad to add your vendors to this growing number.

Benefits for Your Organization
  • More streamlined and secure payments.
  • Increased revenue share potential by generating more card spend.
  • Lower costs by reducing paper checks.
  • Stronger vendor relationships.
  • Increased visibility into overall spend.
Benefits for Your Vendors*
  • Reduced Account Reconciliation costs.
  • Expedited cash receipt and increased cash flow (through improved Days Sales Outstanding).
  • Competitive advantage over vendors who do not accept electronic payments — because you are more likely to do business with vendors who accept electronic payments.
  • Elimination of check processing costs (including banking fees and internal admin costs).
  • Reduced exposure to payment fraud.
  • Superior remittance data transmitted with the payment for more efficient back-end reconciliation.
  • Entry into the secure and established card payment infrastructure, which is used for billions of transactions each year.

*Based on issuer/payment type.

How It Works

Step 1: Staging

We'll help determine which party is responsible for each task based on your organization's needs. We'll also cross-check your vendor list against our current list of enrolled vendors, using card network intelligence to identify other vendors on your list who currently accept card payments from other buying organizations. Then we'll review your vendor list to identify those who should be asked to enroll.

Step 2: Communication Plan

We'll work with you to ensure all vendor communications reflect your culture and tone. Communications will include an initial letter to the vendor followed by telephone outreach from our team of enrollment specialists.

Step 3: Vendor Outreach

After we mail the initial letter, AOC enrollment specialists will make follow-up calls to your vendors to confirm the request to accept credit cards and answer questions.

Step 4: Ongoing Support

At AOC, we don't stop with the initial vendor enrollment process. We'll be here for you now and in the future to ensure that your AP automation process remains successful for both you and your vendors.

Vendor Enrollment Best Practices
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