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Virtual Payment Processing Platform

Are you ready for the future of virtual card payments?

Designed for financial institutions, Transact Global® is an issuer processing platform dedicated exclusively to single-use virtual card payments, without the expensive and unnecessary components of existing issuer processing systems. Developed by AOC Solutions, the market leader in single-use payments, this innovative technology is the seamless, secure and simplified way to process virtual payments.

With Transact Global, commercial card issuers — as well as corporate and government entities — will receive unparalleled support and consultative services from AOC Solutions. And when you partner with us, our efforts focus on helping you maximize both savings and revenue with virtual payment processing.

Take a look at the benefits below, and contact us to learn more.

Are you a merchant looking for a virtual terminal to process payments? Check out Payment WorkSuite from our companion company, 3Delta Systems.

Increased efficiency and revenue
  • Faster BIN implementation (days, not months).
  • Faster customer implementation (minutes, not days).
  • Frequent transaction postings (six times a day, six days a week, as soon as the scheme clears them).
Lower costs
  • Reduced cost per transaction.
  • Decreased credit risk.
  • Lower cost to serve your customers.
Increased control, reduced risk
  • Industry-leading single-use virtual payment fraud tools.1
  • Multi-layer authorization controls (FI level, company level and card level).
  • Better accessibility into transactions, as they post six times a day, six days a week (as soon as the scheme clears them).
  • Increased visibility into authorization activity as it happens.
Best-in-class customer experience
  • Data available immediately.
  • Seamless customer integration with multiple issuing platforms.2
  • Greater historical data availability.
  • Simplified billing to the financial institution.
How it works

Transact Global Process Flow

  1. After FI signs agreement with AOC, FI’s BINs are enabled and controls set on Transact Global. FI adds company and controls requested by the customer (e.g., MCCGs, credit limits, country controls).
  2. Transact Global transmits company information to the customer-facing AP application, which orders CCNs; Transact Global generates CCNs and sends to the customer-facing AP application.
  3. Through customer-facing AP application, a company’s payable logs are created and transaction-specific controls are set in Transact Global.
  4. After receiving the scheme authorization request, Transact Global replies with approval or decline.
  5. Transact Global receives clearing records from the scheme six times a day, six days a week (or as frequently as the scheme clears transactions).
  6. Transact Global creates or updates the company’s receivable.
  7. Transact Global simultaneously prepares settlement reporting to allow the FI to pay the scheme and record interchange revenue.
  8. Customer billing cycle closes and customer pays FI.

1 Industry-leading single-use fraud tools available when Transact Global is used in conjunction with EnCompass®, the AP payment automation platform from AOC Solutions, or AR-Exchange®, the supplier remittance delivery channel from AOC’s companion company, 3Delta Systems.

2 Available when Transact Global is used with EnCompass.

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