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All Aboard! Who’s Getting on the Blockchain Train?

Published: January 10, 2017  |  Author: AOC Solutions staff

Last summer, we chatted with Kara Szostek Lunsford, director of Product Management for AOC’s companion company, 3Delta Systems, about blockchain’s mainstream potential in the payments industry. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned about blockchain, it’s that things change quickly.

Companies pursued some 356 patents related to blockchain in November alone, and 12 percent of executives in financial services have deployed blockchain in production, according to the experts at PYMNTS.com.

Payments in 2016: The Year Of…

Published: January 05, 2017  |  Author: AOC Solutions staff

What had the biggest impact on payments in 2016? EMV chip cards? APIs? Mobile payments? Cryptocurrency? Blockchain technology? Omnichannel commerce? Without a doubt, each of these things, and more, will be a driving influence on the future of payments going forward.

But what do industry leaders from Intel, MineralTree, Synchrony Financial, and our very own AOC Solutions (among others) have to say about it?

Payment Automation and Virtual Cards Capture 2016 Interest

Published: December 28, 2016  |  Author: Liza Welch

It’s that time of year again … when we all lament the extra pounds that we put on during the holidays, when we think about resolutions for January, and when we recap our most popular blog articles of the year!

In 2016, two major topics dominated our five most popular blog posts — payment automation and virtual cards. Here’s a closer look at those top five articles, in case you missed them.

An Easy Button for B2B Payments?

Published: December 15, 2016  |  Author: AOC Solutions staff

An endless source of friction between buyers and suppliers continues to be B2B payments. From paper checks and invoices, to phone calls and emails to track down payment statuses, to manual processes and hand-offs, there are many pain points impacting the flow of transactions.

To help ease that friction, on Nov. 29 AOC Solutions and its companion company, 3Delta Systems, announced a major boost of new features with AR-Exchange®, the companies’ innovative supplier portal.

And the industry is taking notice.  

AR-Exchange Unleashes Powerful New Supplier-Portal Features

Published: November 30, 2016  |  Author: Todd King

On Nov. 29, AOC Solutions and its companion company, 3Delta Systems, unveiled a major boost of features with AR-Exchange®, the companies’ innovative supplier portal.

So what is this supplier portal — and what’s new and different now?

AR-Exchange is an innovative remittance delivery channel that streamlines how suppliers receive payment information and remittance data in one secure, easy-to-use application. Its Quick View feature, offering suppliers access within a secure email link, launched a year ago to much acclaim. The new feature set is full-portal access, where registered users gain tools such as:

PYMNTS Discusses Evolving B2B Payments Ecosystem with AOC’s Tre Cage

Published: November 15, 2016  |  Author: AOC Solutions staff

The commercial payments industry is evolving like never before. And with the industry now teeming with fintech providers offering similar payment solutions, it has become even more challenging for both banks and financial professionals in the corporate world to understand how the rapidly changing commercial payments industry affects them. Yet one thing is clear — B2B payments approaches that worked well in years past may not be enough to keep moving the industry forward. And with virtual card payments on the path to outpace plastic in the next few years, it’s imperative for us all to keep a close eye on the evolution of the payments ecosystem.

One File With Consolidated Payments in Accounts Payable

Published: November 03, 2016  |  Author: AOC Solutions staff

With so many different ways to pay suppliers, B2B payments can get complicated quickly. Some suppliers accept card payments, such as P-cards and virtual cards. Other suppliers prefer ACH deposits. You may even have to occasionally send a wire payment. And yes, even in 2016, some suppliers still insist on being paid by check. So what’s the best way to manage all of these different payment types? Increasingly, many AP departments are now turning to one-file payments to address this challenge.