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About AOC Solutions

At AOC Solutions, commercial payments technology is our focus. Our mission is to design and build solutions that enable both buyers and suppliers to receive faster, more secure and data-rich payments and remittances.

We understand that the world of business-to-business payments is a complex one. That's why every day we help our clients streamline and simplify payment processes with end-to-end solutions that solve their payments challenges — allowing them to become more efficient, cut costs, increase revenue and improve reconciliation.

A service-disabled, veteran-owned business founded in 1996, AOC Solutions has corporate headquarters in Chantilly, Virginia, with additional offices located throughout the United States. Read more about our company history here.

In addition to providing commercial payments technology for financial institutions and corporate end-users, AOC Solutions also offers Federal financial management services for government agencies. 

Learn more about our founder, our partners and our clients below. And if you're a merchant looking for payment processing or tokenization services, please read more about the offerings from our companion companies, 3Delta Systems and FEDAC Processing.

Our Founder, Our Partners & Our Clients
Allen O. Cage, Founder and CEO

Allen O. Cage, Founder and CEO

AOC’s founder and CEO, Allen O. Cage Jr., served in the U.S. Army for 24 years, where his contributions ranged from flying the Cobra gunship to managing government procurement and purchase card programs. After retiring from the U.S. Army, Cage founded AOC Solutions in 1996 with a vision to revolutionize the world of B2B payments. What began as a small technology startup in a basement office has grown into a global payments technology leader, delivering purpose-built platforms that address the payments needs of both buyers and suppliers. Read more about the history of AOC Solutions here.

To give back to his community, Cage co-founded the YouthQuest Foundation in 2005, a non-profit that provides educational opportunities and scholarships for at-risk teens.

Cage is also a founding partner of Honor Brewing Company, whose mission is to brew great beer and honor American heroes.

Today, the AOC Solutions suite of products and services is marketed to corporate clients through our financial institution partners. Over 18,000 corporate clients and organizations make payments using our EnCompass platform, with over 185,000 merchants enabled to receive electronic payments via the platform.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you on your road to commercial payments success.

Companion Companies

The AOC organizational structure reflects the importance our company places on providing best-in-class card management and transaction processing services to our clients. We also have the ability to provide clients with complete control of the transaction process through our two autonomous businesses that collaborate to provide comprehensive solutions.

3Delta Systems

3Delta Systems is a payment solutions company providing secure, internet-based purchase and credit card payment processing and tokenization services to enterprise, B2B, B2C and B2G clients. Its solutions enable merchants and buyers to manage, authorize and settle payment transactions in real-time. For more information visit 3DSI.com.

FEDAC Processing

FEDAC Processing Company offers full card acceptance and payment processing solutions to private sector clients including businesses of all sizes and banks requiring cash advance and local card acceptance support. To learn more, go to FEDAC.com.

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