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Employee testimonials

We are proud of our employees and honored that they’ve chosen to grow their careers with us. Read (and watch) what some of them have to say about working for AOC Solutions.

Ariana Jones

“I really like how sound the health insurance is. It’s a really great deal, and they really try to protect your out-of-pocket costs. I also really like the vacation time and the sick time. You don’t have to work a certain amount of days to get it — it’s not accrued — so that’s something that’s vastly different from other employers, and I really appreciate that.”

  • Ariana Jones, Business Analyst, employee since 2016

“The people are fun. Everybody works hard, but we play hard too. We’ve done team-building at Topgolf, bowling, and laser tag, and we even did a scavenger hunt in downtown D.C. at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. We really know how to have fun.”

  • Audrey Molinari, Contract Specialist, employee since 2013
Sterling Ravy

“When you take a look at the leadership here, when you take a look at the compensation package, when you take a look at the work/life balance, all those things really drew me to AOC, making it an easy decision for me.”

  • Sterling Ravy, Corporate Recruiter, employee since 2016
Michelle Woodberry

“It’s inspiring to work with people who have such high levels of expertise and who are passionate about delivering quality solutions. Whether it’s through the trust placed in us to make decisions in our day-to-day work, support in pursuing opportunities for professional development, or team activities and outings — AOC makes it clear that team members are valued.”

  • Michelle Woodberry, Product Manager, employee since 2013
Lamar Hortman

“Working at AOC is meaningful to me because I feel like they want me to stay. The AOC family has been supportive at every turn, from administrative matters to complicated clients. My management team, other managers and colleagues are all available and open to share their knowledge and lend their expertise. And the corporate staff continues to find new ways to reward the success of the firm by rewarding its employees.”

  • Lamar Hortman, Senior Associate, Federal Financial Management, employee since 2012
Conrad Sastre

“I have witnessed on numerous occasions, and have benefited from, the spirit of generosity at AOC. As a father of a child with special needs, I make a point of attending an annual fundraiser. Our CEO did not hesitate when I asked if he’d be willing to make a donation. AOC has come through each year, and they are consistently the largest donation I receive. I can proudly point to the company I work for and say they stand behind me.”

  • Conrad Sastre, Product Manager, employee since 2008
Lauren Jackson_2.jpg

“We have an excellent benefits package. As far as sick days and vacation days go, we have ample time when you need it. Also our healthcare is outstanding. They really take good care of us here. You get the benefits of a big company, but it still feels small and close-knit at AOC.”

  • Lauren Jackson, Customer Support Representative, employee since 2011
Tammy LaGrange

“I’m excited to be part of a company like AOC that continues to grow and offer cutting-edge solutions. I feel that I am a valued and respected part of the team. And I’m given the flexibility and autonomy to solve problems in a way that makes sense for both my team and the company. I’m honored to work with such an amazing group of people.”

  • Tammy LaGrange, Director of Quality Assurance, employee since 2007
Paul Picard

“AOC is the perfect place to work. You are surrounded by the best and brightest minds in the industry. You are given all the tools and support you need to succeed. Your contributions are valued, and you can make a difference from any position. You have excellent benefits and perks. And when you do your job well, you are recognized and presented with opportunities to further your career. I love it here, and I never want to leave.”

  • Paul Picard, Product Manager, employee since 2012
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